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"Throughout the history of mankind countless theologians, scholars, and philosophers have grappled with the concept of evil, the existence of God, and if God exists, whether He is omnipotent and representative of infinite goodness. Ever since the first human being gazed up to the heavens and contemplated the origins of natural phenomenon or the reasons dreadful things happen to good people, humanity has engaged in a continuous debate over evil and its relationship to God’s existence and whether He embodies boundless righteousness or tempered vengeance. Numerous scholars and philosophers such as J.S. Mill have argued that the presence of evil within the natural world offers a rational basis to conclude that it isn’t necessary to infer that a being of infinite goodness is at the root of their cause. Others such as St. Thomas Aquinas contend that the existence of evil within our world doesn’t present a dilemma or contradict the idea or concept of an omnibenevolent being or God as its source."

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