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"Greek mythology explains the origins of the Amaryllis flower through a story of love. A beautiful maiden named Amaryllis falls in love with a shepherd named Alteo, on a mountainside. Alteo had the strength of Hercules and the beauty of Apollo with a passion for flowers. He claimed he would only fall in love with a girl who could bring to him a new type of a flower that he had never seen before. Determined to win his love, Amaryllis traveled to the Oracle of Delphi for guidance. The oracle instructed her that in order to win Alteo‘s heart she must sacrifice her blood for him. So Amaryllis stood in front of his house for thirty nights piercing her own heart with a golden arrow. On the thirtieth day a crimson flower grew from the blood of her heart, thus resulting in her winning Alteo‘s love in return. The flower Amaryllis is now a representation of love, its red color symbolizing the sacrifice young Amaryllis was willing to make to win the heart of Alteo."

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