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"One of, if not the, major questions that I have been working on recently is the relation between aesthetics and ethics. In question form, it reads something like this: Can, and if so to what extent, aesthetics be said to be ethically evaluated or ethically informative? In some sense this question has been on the table (at least in the west) since the time of Plato. Such a question is not an easy one to answer given various factors that must be taken into account. For my purpose here, I wish only to offer what I believe to be the most convincing Christian answer to this ongoing debate. I will argue that Christianity is, at its core, a religion of ethical action (praxis). Christianity also requires a life commitment. If one is to be a Christian, s/he accepts a life that strives toward the full integration of Christ in her/his day to day dealings with the world. Such a take on Christian life is what Paul described when he said, “…it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” (Gal 2:20). I will close by allowing the aforementioned discussion to guide our thinking about the relation of aesthetics and ethics. This will provide us with the answer that I find most convincing for a committed follower of Christ. Due to time and length restrictions I will not be able to go into the depth that some of these points deserve. This will therefore be a brief presentation of what I view as the Christian answer to ethical evaluation of the aesthetic and aesthetics usefulness for ethics."

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