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"On the evening of August 7, 2010, I was driving back from Pittsburgh on a warm summer day. My old car didn‟t have air conditioning, so I was dressed in workout clothes to try to sweat out a hot ride home. I had just been at the Mathematical Association of America‟s Mathfest, their annual summer meeting. I left somewhat early in the last day of the conference so that I would be home before 8:00pm, my daughter Aderyn‟s bedtime. I did indeed get home around 7:30. Aderyn went to bed, then I took a quick shower and went to bed myself. At 10:00, my wife, who was due to have our second child on August 15, started the beginnings of labor pains, which grew in strength. By 1:00am, there was no doubt that the baby was coming a week early. I got up and got dressed, Sara got in the shower (to ease the pain a bit), and we contacted the babysitter. I went to get the sitter at around 3:00am, and Sara and I went to the hospital. At 9:18am the next morning, August 8, our second daughter, Ivy Elaina Gantner, was born."

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