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"Although the books contained in the Old Testament are extensive and diverse, it remains difficult to argue that the covenants created between God and Moses and God and David are central pieces upon which the subsequent writings in their entirety are based. The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church defines the term covenant as ―[a] bond entered into voluntarily by two parties by which each pledges himself to do something for the other."1 This basic definition did not derive theological connotations until it was utilized by Old Testament writers to signify a commitment between Yahweh and the Israelites whom God chose as God‘s people.2 In the book of Exodus, God initiates a covenant with Moses that is repeatedly violated by the newly formed nation of Israel. The covenant evolves during the time of David when God reaffirms God‘s commitment to the people of Israel despite their rebellious nature. These two covenants and their implications will be discussed in greater detail during the remainder of this work."

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