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"The parent and child relationship is a very unique and interesting one. It is also a topic that has been highly researched and written on. It is one that has puzzled many since such a relationship was first established and it has been exemplified time and time again in various religious texts. Why is this relationship so unique and different than others? Why is it one that demands so much attention? Why is it important enough to have religious significance in the Bible, the Quran, the Torah and many other religious texts? The reason is simple, the parent child relationship, whether it be father or son, mother or daughter, is one that is necessary for human sustenance. In other words without an adequate parent child relationship, neither party can hope to live fulfilling lives. This is precisely the reason why this connection is so heavily emphasized in various religious texts and documents (story of the Prodigal son and Abraham and his son). And adequate parent child relationship is thus a template for a more fulfilling human divine relationship. In other words, these two relationships feed off of each other. An ample parent child relationship sets the precedence for a pleasing human divine relationship in the same way that the human divine relationship sets precedence for a gratifying parent child relationship. There are many things to be learned from the investigation of such a correlation; and in turn this analysis can lead to the revealing of many religious and worldly truths. These truths then help one to become more spiritual and strengthen his or her connection with the divine."

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