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"I still find it difficult to believe that I am writing this submission for Verbum as a Fisher alumnus, and that soon a full semester will have passed since I was enrolled as a full-time student. Looking back on my time at Fisher, I fondly recall courses and professors that positively impacted the quality of my educational experience, as well as clubs and students that similarly supported my social experience. While I do not consider myself to have any sage advice to offer current students, I will say that in my opinion it is beneficial to become involved on campus and truly enjoy being a student because, as in any other area of life, this time is fleeting and tends to pass by much more quickly than anticipated. While regrets are fairly inevitable, they can be prevented to some extent with a conscious effort. For those who may be approaching graduation and concerned about the current job market, I will also say that, based on personal experience, there may be more opportunities available than one might think."

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