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The World Seen Through the Lens of Faith


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Directed and written by Eliseo Subiela, Man Facing Southeast is a drama-science fiction film released in 1986. The film tells the story of a jaded, divorced Dr. Julio Denis who works at Buenos Aires’ Jose Borda Psychiatric Hospital and Rantes, a patient who mysteriously arrives and claims to come from space. The two develop a close relationship where Dr. Denis takes Rantes on several excursions and even introduces him to his children. He stands facing the southeast sending and receiving information from “home.” I initially thought he was an alien, but after our class discussion, I also see the representations of being a sort of Messiah through the film’s replication of the Pieta and the crucifixion of Christ. This idea that Rantes was the second coming of Christ has huge implications on society, especially given the outcome of the film.

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