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The World Seen Through the Lens of Faith


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My first exposure to the Argentine culture was one evening that I will never forget. As a sophomore at St. John Fisher College, I was blessed with the opportunity to spend a semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina with a host family. After two days of traveling, I finally made it to my destination, and moved everything into my new home. It was extremely overwhelming at first, but I quickly found my way. The second night I was in Argentina, I was invited to the house of my advisor along with the rest of my group for a typical Argentine Barbecue known as ‘asado’. Here, we were able to try Argentina’s famous beef cuts as well as the red wine. It was an incredible first experience because I was immediately introduced right into the culture. That night is when my relationship with my advisor began. Her name is Barbara, and she is a young Argentine woman who was born and raised in the city of Buenos Aires. Her energy and love for her country was evident and she used her knowledge and experience to introduce us to many parts of the culture that were both common, and underground.

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