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"When Martin Luther King Jr spoke these words, he was addressing the masses of mainly Black Americans who were fighting for freedom from discrimination and for the right to be treated as equally as any other human being. The struggle was long and hard. They had to endure abuse from the white men around them, who felt that they did not deserve to have equal rights. This was a struggle that easily erupted into physical violence. The white men fought the blacks and the blacks fought back. However, Dr. King was an advocate for peace and also a civil rights leader. He had to reassure his followers that this fight could only be won if done peacefully. In the quote above, he uses the word 'rise' which suggests that we are a better person or we are placing ourselves above the man who cannot use soul force instead of physical force. He was adamant in his position. Although he did not live to see the laws being passed, the battle was eventually won. Nevertheless even if these words applied to the situation at the time, his words should still live on. His words should be considered by everyone, no matter the race because violence is not bias to race. Everyone should always think about approaching any situation in a peaceful manner because it always brings about the best results."

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