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The World Seen Through the Lens of Faith


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"Have you ever come to a point in your life when you realized you should reexamine your life as a whole? I have often wondered what it is like to go through a “mid-life crisis”. I have recently turned 31 and although I may be considered too young to be going through such a crisis, I have definitely reached a crossroad. My crisis revolves around a recent turn of events that have swayed my beliefs and shifted my emotions. I am currently separated from my husband of almost seven years. Our marriage did not end on good terms and to make a long story short, we now have a sea of legalities between us ranging from a custody battle to felony charges for harassment and stalking, making it even harder to co-parent our three-year old son, Kristopher. You see, I thought that by this stage in my life I would be completely settled, with my career underway and a happy-secure marriage under my belt. Was I ever wrong!"

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