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The Gift of Family

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Parent and Child


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"Rachael: My father had passed away before I had been born; however, I did not only have my mother. We had extended friends and family that knew my father and helped my mom take care of me and my siblings. I never really knew what it was like to have a father, but I learned a lot from friends and relatives that had both parents. I also had my nanny; Nana, that helped my mom with the kids while she was going to school for her master’s degree in counseling. Since my mom was going to school and we had our Nana helping out around the house myself and my siblings took responsibility in chores and taking care of each other when my mom was not around. Also I learned to branch out to friends when I needed help. I was playing sports at a young age and into high school and when I needed a ride to games or practice I would ask friends because my mom couldn’t drive all four kids around. I think the most important thing that having a single parent taught me was to be independent as possible but to also look after my family."

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