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"After deciding to research St. Augustine, a long process of digging through the multiple books in the library and the vast amount of articles on the Internet was needed. Sifting through the voluminous load of information was a great task. However, this task supported the reason I initially chose Augustine: to learn about the man who converted, the convert who became a bishop, the bishop who became a saint, and the saint who became how we know Augustine today—as a great theologian and devoted Christian. Within his many writings, we can see how these characteristics previously mentioned are evident. We will do so by looking at a brief section from Augustine’s Confessions and City of God. In addition, we will examine how various scholars such as Brown, Meagher, and Placher, interpret and understand St. Augustine. Along with this textual research, we will explore a video, St. Augustine: His Life and Spirituality, by Fr. Benedict Groeschel. Over all, we will determine the multiple ways Augustine has been interpreted within different mediums—from text to tape—and draw a conclusion to the portrait of who is Augustine, then and now. Who is this man from the fourth Century CE? Perhaps a brief look into the biography of Augustine will begin our search for the mystery behind the man, the bishop, and the saint."

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