Ethics and Political Philosophy


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Human self-knowledge continues to increase monumentally, as well as the accompanying consequences. One aspect of human life that is being conquered is reproduction. While it doesn't take a genius to procreate naturally, technologies to make artificial reproduction possible are becoming more popular. Men and women who cannot conceive children naturally are getting help, and this help is leading to many ethical dilemmas and scientific questions and dilemmas. By being swept away with the abilities to make children in a lab, there are forgotten children born into unfortunate situations that need stable families. People who want babies can not have them, and those that are having them do not want them. Put that way, adoption seems to be the best answer for couples who want children but cannot conceive their own. Adoption costs, risks, and the simple desire to bear one's own flesh and blood are constant road-blocks to adoption. Artificial reproduction, however, does not provide the answers to those road-blocks.

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