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The United States of America provides its citizens with many freedoms and privileges unique to other nations worldwide. At 15, you may start working with the proper legal working papers. The same freedom that allows you the right to earn that living also allows the government to take taxes out of your paycheck as a thank you for the privilege. This very same government acknowledges the fact that you are old enough a U.S. citizen for the government to remove taxes, federal and/or state, from your paycheck. yet you're stilJ not old enough to vote in our nation's elections until 18 years of age. At 16, you are given the opportunity to drive an automobile by passing a written and road test prior, but you may not serve your country in a war until age 18 as well. At 18, you may also purchase a shotgun and ammunition with a minor background check. but you may not buy a beer. With these adult-type privileges being offered to us at various ages, is it any wonder people are confused? Is there a set age at which a person is considered an adult, with all its prohibitions and privileges, in the United States?

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