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Creating Synergy


Business and Corporate Communications


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From academia to corporations, the argument for revisiting synergy has been strengthened, making the term a common buzzword of the 21 '1 century (Liedtka 45). On the other hand, what is not so common is achieving this state of high performance. According to skeptic Harold Greneen, synergy is "a carcinogenic slice of baloney tliat serves no other purpose than to bring false hope to a capitalist America" (qtd. in Liedtka 45). However, at a time when there is an increase in business consolidations and complex technology, the need for synergy in work environments is all too vital, according to the sources cited in this paper. This research paper addresses the argument for synergy and its place in the team culture of America, specifically in the advertising industry and academia. This study applies the team effectiveness theory using the Team Performance Model (TPM) to instruct and evaluate teamwork within advertising agencies and academia. It is through the fundamental education and understanding of the team effectiveness theory and the Team Performance Model (TPM) that teams will be able to increase their team performance and achieve synergy.

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