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Apartheid was an oppressively destructive system that influenced many lives, not only in South Africa, but also in many nearby provinces and countries. This influence occurred because apartheid was so morally wrong. It forced many men, women and children to be slaves in their own country. These people could not live their own lives. They were made to obey the laws of the white people with a nightmarish force that terrified all and killed thousands. Even those blacks that lived under apartheid lived in conditions that were more horrible than anything anyone could ever possibly imagine. They were forced into overcrowded cities whose pollution and poverty caused the death of many, made to work for wages that could barely keep one individual alive , let alone an entire family, and given no opportunity to better themselves through a decent education. These horrific conditions ultimately resulted in a struggle of resistance against the system by many individuals of South Africa. Surprisingly, this resistance was greatly influenced and aided by a very large group of women fighters . Even more surprising is the fact that this group of women consisted not only of black women but also white women.

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