Volume 19 (2018)

April 19, 2018

Editor’s Note

I am very pleased to announce the 2018 publication of The Review, St. John Fisher College’s journal for undergraduate research and scholarship. The journal represents the academic excellence of St. John Fisher College’s undergraduate programs.

This year’s submissions came from a wide range of academic disciplines. We received many fantastic submissions and had some very difficult decisions to make. I would like to thank both the student and faculty reviewers on the Editorial Board for their commitment to The Review and the time they spent reading all the submissions.

I would also like to congratulate the Editorial Staff on their hard work. As a staff, we solicited, selected, and edited the contributions, as well as making policy decisions about the publication. Finally, I would like to thank our faculty advisor, Dr. Melissa Bissonette, for her dedication to The Review and the Honors Program. We all strive for success and appreciate her enthusiasm.

Congratulations to all our authors, especially Antonia Piccirillo for winning the Provost’s Award for Best Paper.

Best Regards,
Lauren Witmer ‘20
Accounting Major
Honors Scholar


Editorial Board

Lauren Witmer, Accounting

Dr. Melissa Bissonette, English

Courtney Miller, Accounting
Alexandra Willmes, Psychology
Gabriella Kielbasinski, Political Science and Spanish

Hannah Batten, English and Communications
Alison Beck, English and Legal Studies
Alex Freedman, Biology
Julia Hayner, History and Education
Abagail Kowalski, Psychology
Ryan Paolini, Marketing
Dr. Gregory Cunningham, Biology
Dr. Lisa Cunningham, Women and Gender Studies
Dr. Deborah VanderBilt, English
Dr. David Bell, Anthropology
Kourtney Blackburn, Library
Dr. Ryan Thibodeau, Psychology
Dr. Sebastien Lazardeux, Political Science