victim precipitation, sexual assault, rape, influence of language in news media, news media


Civic and Community Engagement | Criminology | Gender and Sexuality | Politics and Social Change | Sociology


The following analysis examines the influences the language used in media have on victim precipitation, and how this concept contributes to the complexity of blame in the rape and sexual assault of women. Victim precipitation is defined as blaming the victim for his or her own victimization, speculating that he or she caused his or her victimization to occur. Three areas of news media are critiqued: print, television broadcasts, and online reports. Several sociological ideologies are considered throughout the analysis as support for the idea that victim precipitation is the dominant ideology in society today. Some of the ideologies in the analysis include but are not limited to: Gender Polarization; Rape Myths; and the Issues with Consent. The argument closes with the overall opinion of the issues and ways in which people can help reduce and possibly eliminate violence against women.

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