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This research paper discusses the effects of enforced purity on the sexuality of young women. The purity movement is a movement that started in the late 1990s in the Midwest with the aim to protect young women from the sexual scandals of the world. However, many women within this movement are uninformed about their bodies, their sexual feelings, how to protect themselves against pregnancy and STDS, and warning signs of unhealthy relationships. The method used in this paper is analysis through literature review. The literature review contains sources of supporters of the Purity Movement, and those against this movement. Overall, this paper connects this movement with the sexual double standard, because such uses as purity rings, purity balls, and overprotective parenting are not as commonly seen with young men. This paper also serves to inform that sexuality for both sexes is normal, and that young men and women should be taught about their bodies and sexuality in a way that is not shameful.

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