Education | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


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The use of the "S" word among students and teachers can become quite controversial. Sexuality is becoming a topic of open discussion, but also one of avoidance. The process of "coming out" about one's homosexuality is a long and hard progression. This is largely due to people assuming that heterosexuality is the sexual identity of those around them. Due to the assumption of heterosexuality, homosexuals have a harder time "coming out" to others. This course becomes harder for teachers than for other homosexuals, as teachers are seen as role models for many students and colleagues. Opposing forces have argued that gay and lesbian teachers will "recruit" students to follow a homosexual lifestyle. Some fear that if homosexual issues are dealt with in school, more students will pursue this way of life. These negative feelings towards homosexual teachers can be expressed by parents, co-workers, and students alike.

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