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Women in Medicine


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Medicine and Health Sciences


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It seems that most individuals regardless of gender, race or ethnicity are in a constant rat race to keep up with the demands of modern day society and be as successful as possible. Looking at a college population, everyone has high goals and ambitions and is hoping to be the best in the field they enter. However, women are faced with the dilemma of what to do when life puts another barrier up around us. Women have gained the access to equality of education that we hoped for and are graduating in equal number with men (The Mommy Mystique), but society continues to put up barriers around women based on stereotypes that are deeply engrained into our psyche (Chodorow, 200). Being interested in the medical field, I chose to look at women who have transformed the face of medicine and consider how they have overcome the barriers society placed. From being able to enter medical school, balancing family life with the demands of a medical career, to outcompeting their male coworkers for higher jobs these women have done it all, but this has not come without hardship. Women in medicine have faced challenges and stigmas put in place by society and have given hope to many that these challenges can be overcome.

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