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In the past decade alone, it has become increasingly important that consumers find alternative energy resources to provide some relief for the environment. Carbon based fuels, like propane and natural gas, are running in short supply and it won't be long until another fuel source will be needed to sustain the energy needed for a growing world. Not only are scientists concerned about the energy crisis, they are also concerned with ozone depletion as a result of methane and carbon dioxide buildups in the atmosphere. This excess methane comes from a source that is well known wondwidelivestock. Livestock are the brunt of the dairy and meat industry across the globe and as long as there are livestock around, there wlll always be waste. It is true that livestock are some of the biggest producers of gas, methane in particular, and something must be done. This gas is collecting in the stratosphere and damaging the ozone layer. According to Renata De Winter-Sorkina, a writer for Atmospheric Environment, creating holes in the ozone layer will lead to an increase in UV radiation that reaches the Earth's surface. In turn, this will also increase in the incidence of skin cancer, cataracts, and impaired immune systems, cause damage to forests and aquatic organisms, and lead to a decrease in crop yields. Consumers can't un-do the damage that has already been done to the ozone layer, but scientists have been looking for ways to decrease the emissions causing the devastating problems in our atmosphere.

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