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Salvation comes through Jesus Christ, but what does that truly mean? Since the death of Christ, people have been pondering this ultimate question. Whether it has been a personal journey to understand the risen Christ, or if it has been a professional career, all Christians have tried to deepen their understanding of true mystery of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Due to these various inquiries, there have been numerous hypotheses and theories concerning the Resurrection, and in turn sheds light on who God is, who Jesus was, and the meaning of it all. The death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is central to Christians and their Salvation; however, there are many different definitions and/or analyses of these two events. Some theologians say the death on the cross was sufficient for our Salvation. This analysis will not only point out the various outlooks of the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but it will also discuss the reasons why we do need the Resurrection to fully receive eternal relationship with God.

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