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The Review (formerly The Undergraduate Review) is a journal featuring students’ scholarly research. Published by the Honors Program at St. John Fisher College, the journal features the work of Fisher's undergraduate students representing any discipline.

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Current Volume: Volume 20 (2019)

April 23, 2019

Editor's Note

Along with the rest of the Editorial Board, I am excited to present the 2019 edition of The Review, St. John Fisher College’s student research journal. This year’s publication is our 20th volume, and as such carries special significance. Since 1997, The Review has been a platform for Fisher students to publish their work. In many ways, it is a testament to the drive for excellence found amongst our students year after year. The 2019 Editorial Board is honored to have played a part in that legacy.

This year, we received many well-written, innovative submissions. Consequently, the Editorial Board faced many tough decisions. We are grateful to every student who submitted their work. In the end, we are fortunate to have published high-quality work from a variety of academic disciplines. The students featured in this edition are among the brightest scholars at SJFC.

I would like to thank the members of the Editorial Board for their hard work, thoughtful editing, and commitment to produce the best journal possible. Thank you to the St. John Fisher College Honors program, specifically our supervisor, Dr. Bissonette, for her support throughout the publication process and empowering us with the tools to create this volume. Additionally, we are grateful to our faculty reviewers whose insight and expertise helped us immensely. To everyone who helped in any capacity, be it as a reviewer, editor, author, and so on, your part in the publication process is invaluable and appreciated.

Congratulations to all our authors, especially Stacey Mooney for winning the Provost’s Award for Best Paper.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the 20th volume of The Review.

Gabriella Kielbasinski ‘19
Editor-in-Chief, The Review



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