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A Journal of Undergraduate Student Research

The Review (formerly The Undergraduate Review) is a journal featuring students’ scholarly research. Published by the Honors Program at St. John Fisher College, the journal features the work of Fisher's undergraduate students representing any discipline.

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Current Volume: Volume 21 (2020)

Editor's Note

Along with the rest of the Editorial Board, I am proud to present the 2020 edition of The Review: A Journal of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship. Since 1997, the journal has showcased a selection of the best essays written by some of St. John Fisher's brightest undergraduate students. The Editorial Board is honored to have produced this 21st volume of The Review.

Although we are only able to publish a few select essays, we are grateful for every student who took the time and effort to submit. There were many fine submissions, and the Editorial Board faced tough decisions. We believe that the research and scholarship featured in this year's edition are the best works from a field of strong submissions.

I would like to thank the members of the Editorial Board for their hard work, diligence, and commitment to produce the best journal possible. Thank you to the St. John Fisher College Honors Program, specifically our supervisor, Professor Regan, for her support throughout the publication process and for empowering us with the tools to create this volume. Additionally, we are grateful to our faculty reviewers whose insight and expertise helped us immensely. Everyone involved in the process of creating this publication should be proud of what we have accomplished, and I could not be happier to have worked with this great group of individuals. Creating, editing, and finalizing this year's publication was more challenging amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, so we are particularly proud of all involved who helped produce this edition of Saint John Fisher's The Review.

Congratulations to all our authors, especially Christopher J. Wild for winning the Provost’s Award for Best Paper and Natalie Petruzelli for earning Special Recognition for Excellence.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the 21st volume of The Review.

Ian Evans '22
Editor-in-Chief, The Review



How Can We Stop Cancer?
Joseph R. Current

Cover Art


Ian Evans '22

Prof. Fionnuala Regan, English Dept.

Brittany Halpin, senior editor '22
Kate Salanger, senior editor '22
Brian Colmerauer '23
Jake Franchi '23
Mason Gasbarre '23
Brian Jantz '23
Hannah King '22
Samantha Waidl '22

Dr. Noveera Ahmed, Biology
Dr. Michael Boller, Biology
Dr. James Bowers, Political Science
Dr. Stephen Brauer, English
Dr. William S. Harrison, Mathematical & Computing Sciences
Dr. Sebastien Lazardeux, Political Science
Dr. Linda MacCammon, Religious Studies
Dr. Kimberly McClure-Brenchley, Psychology
Dr. Whitney Rapp, Education - Inclusive
Dr. Ryan Thibodeau, Psychology
Dr. Deborah Vanderbilt, English

The editorial staff of The Review would also like to thank the following people for their support:
Dr. Kevin Railey, Provost
Dr. Ann Marie Fallon, Dean for the School of Arts & Sciences
Ben Hockenberry, Systems Librarian
Kourtney Blackburn, Access Services Librarian
Kate Torok, Director of Marketing & Communications
Jeremy Luke, Print Services
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