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Binge eating, weight loss, obesity, depression


The moderating influence of binge eating status on obese individuals’ responses to weight loss treatment was evaluated with a meta-analysis of 36 tests of weight loss treatment (n=792) that were matched to control key background variables. After controlling for pre-treatment weight, treatment produced more weight loss in samples of obese non- BED compared with obese BED participants. Weight loss treatment produced large posttreatment reductions in depression in both obese BED and non-BED samples. The results indicate that BED status moderated post-treatment weight loss among people in weight treatment programs. Obese BED (average weight loss= 1.3 kg) samples lost negligible weight compared to obese non-BED (average weight loss= 10.5 kg) samples. BED status did not moderate psychological responses to treatment: both BED and non-BED samples experienced large post-treatment reductions in depression. The clinical implications of these findings are discussed.

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