Research and scholarship from faculty and staff in the Statistics Department at St. John Fisher College.


Submissions from 2019


Reaching out to behavioral science audiences via meta-analysis, Bruce E. Blaine


Variance heterogeneity in psychological research: A Monte Carlo study of the consequences for meta-analysis, Bruce E. Blaine

Submissions from 2018


Robust Statistics, Bruce E. Blaine


Winsorizing, Bruce E. Blaine

Introducing data science: statistics, computing, and more, Anne Geraci and Kathleen Donovan

Submissions from 2015


Comparing Professional Values and Authentic Leadership Dimensions in Baccalaureate Nursing Students: A Longitudinal Study, Kathleen H. Dever, Tammy C. Roman, Charlene Smith, Nancy M. Bowllan, Marilyn L. Dollinger, and Bruce Evan Blaine

Submissions from 2007


Responses to Weight Loss Treatment Among Obese Individuals with and without BED: A Matched-study Meta-analysis, Bruce E. Blaine and J. Rodman

Submissions from 2005


Obesity, Self-Complexity, and Compartmentalization: On the Implications of Obesity for Self-Concept Organization, Bruce E. Blaine and C. E. Johnson