Date of Publication

Spring 2013

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Katharine Burakowski


Mobile in-seat ordering has begun to surface being tested around the nation at various venues to fulfill customer’s fascination with technology and to better satisfy their customers. It has been found consumers are concerned with wait-lines and quality of service which can negatively impact their purchase behavior (Muret, 2008b). Concession sales are a main revenue source for franchise owners who are experiencing more need for increased revenue (Levine, 2007).

Delaware North SportService, an industry leader in sport food service are the food and beverage provider for Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mobile in-seat ordering has not been used at this facility and the reason for this study is to determine if this can have a positive impact on generated revenue. The goal of the study is to see if a consumer at Ralph Wilson Stadium would prefer mobile in- seat concession ordering over a traditional concession stand and if this would change the purchase behavior leading to an increase of sales?

The survey showed that if there was a mobile ordering system where customers could purchase their food and beverage and has it delivered to their seat, 86% of the survey participants would use it. Of those 86% of participants, the study showed that 87% of them would use the in-seat ordering system more frequently as well as order more food if it indeed allowed them to not miss game action and avoid long wait lines. The survey was able to show reasons which would inhibit customers to use the in-seat ordering and it concludes if Delaware North SportService and the Buffalo Bills can eliminate usage fees, ensure time efficient delivery with properly served food and beverage, the in-seat ordering system can be effective. Results of the study will be distributed to SportService and the Buffalo Bills to show them that in-seat sales can be a valuable feature.