Date of Publication

Spring 2013

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Katharine Burakowski


In lieu of an abstract, here is the paper's first paragraph: In minor league (AAA) baseball the amount of season tickets sold for the season can account for at least fifteen percent of total paid attendance for the. With this in mind a sport manager may wonder what brings season ticket buyers back season after season, and what can be done to measure this occurrence. An added question for front office staff members is, do these reasons coincide with a team’s marketing strategy to maximize the amount of fans who buy season tickets? To analyze this occurrence I looked into exactly what behavior fans exhibit and their motivation to purchase. Lee (2003) stated areas such as price of tickets, game experience, promotions/giveaways, stadium features, and the teams involved are among the few reasons tickets may be purchased. To assess this topic I answered the following research question regarding minor league baseball: 1) What factors motivate season ticket holders to renew their seats each season?