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Undergraduate Project

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Katharine Burakowski


Female athletes have gained their role in sports, and now female athletes are expressing their journey as a female athlete. Looking at female athletes and their journey of becoming a college athlete, researchers can find motivation, self-efficacy, and early specialization. Past research on the 3 factors has been done prior to this research. The relationship between self-efficacy, motivation and early specialization was examined. The data was obtained through interviews from 5 college student athletes using qualitative research. The findings showed a significantly positive relationship between self-efficacy and these athletes, however there was a considerably negative finding in athletes and early specialization in relation to self-efficacy. Furthermore, self-efficacy was expressed when asking about motivation. The athletes experienced self-efficacy at the adult age. There were no observations of early specialization and self-efficacy relating. The results of this research will further help with the self-efficacy theory corresponding to female college student athletes.