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Undergraduate Project

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Katharine Burakowski


The study that was conducted examined the perceptions and the relationship college athletes have towards marijuana. As time progresses and more people become used to the idea of marijuana being fully legalized in the United States, institutions like the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) will have to deal with the fact that a vast majority of their college athletes use marijuana regardless of it being on the banned substance list. A survey that featured 14 questions was sent out to over 200 male and female student athletes at St. John Fisher College which 60 of the 200 agreed to partake in. The results of the survey revealed that 77% of the student athletes regularly used or have tried marijuana in the past. Another perception the study revealed was that 80% of the survey participants believed that 25%-75% of their teammates used marijuana on a regular basis while 88% of the participants believed 50%-100% of their teammates have at least tried marijuana once in their lives. The implications of these findings revealed that the NCAA are not as aware of the prevalence of marijuana usage among their student athletes as it appeared. The results of this study are important because the student athletes’ stance on marijuana is understood rather than that from coaches or NCAA officials. If the NCAA is out for the best interest of the student athletes than it’s crucial for this demographic to be fully understood in all aspects.