Date of Publication

Fall 2014

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Katharine Burakowski


This study is focusing on the topic of youth sport participation, specifically the perceptions of high school athletic directors. The reasoning behind this study is to expand on the research that has already been done by studying subjects that have not been looked at before. Prior research has shown that there are many different effects of sport specialization on the youth athlete. Some may be positive and but also can be negative or hindering in nature. The results of this study refute and support previous findings as well as add new and credible information to the topic at hand. The participants of this study all were part of informational interviews in order to get the answers to the questions associated with the research. Each participant had their own answers in their own words but all had 4 common themes that they focused on during their interviews. Some of the results that came from this study will expose some of the points made in the previous research but will also support some of them. This study can be beneficial in two ways. The first being it adds new information to previous findings that expands the scope of knowledge of the subject and secondly, the information will help educate people on the topic so that they can make the right decisions when faced with a situation dealing with youth sport specialization.