Date of Publication

Fall 2013

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Katharine Burakowski


In the past twenty years, USA Hockey participation figures have grown at exponential rates, with overall amateur participation numbers reaching the half-million mark for the first time in 2011 (USA Hockey, 2012). Much of the overall growth of hockey in the United States has occurred in what some may define as non-traditional markets. These non-traditional markets comprise of Southern, mid-Atlantic, and West Coast cities, and several of the expansion and relocation teams that have grown since the early 1990s. In order to understand the growth of the sport, it is first important to look into what community outreach programs have been implemented by the various teams in the region, to help comprehend the varying sorts of awareness initiatives available to the public. While there has been minor looks into the marketing initiatives implemented by teams around the years of their conception, further research into current programming has not been done. A thematic and exploratory search into these themes will set the basis for further research to help understand a correlation between community outreach theming and growth of participation figures in the varying regions.