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Undergraduate Project

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Katharine Burakowski


In lieu of an abstract, here is the paper's first paragraph: It is known that alcohol abuse among college students has been, and remains, a very prevalent issue in our society today; however, some may not know the extent to which student athletes consume alcohol. Green, Uryasz, Petr and Bray (2008) conducted a study for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in 2001 and found that approximately 80% of collegiate student athletes consumed alcohol on an annual basis, and that number has only risen. Not only are a large percentage of student athletes consuming alcohol, they are doing so much more than nonathletes (Wilson, Pritchard, & Schaffer, 2004; Leichliter, Meilman, Presley, & Cashin, 1998). Also, student athletes are much more prone to engage in hazardous binge drinking than nonathletes and this is concerning to school administrators and NCAA officials (Winters et al., 2011; Nelson & Weschler, 2001; Tewksbury, Higgins, & Mustaine, 2008). Winters et al. (2011) defined binge drinking as five or more drinks in one sitting for males or four or more drinks in one sitting for females. It was revealed by Green et al. (2001) through their research that the likelihood of alcohol use is highest among Division III athletes as well.