Date of Publication

Summer 8-17-2012

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Emily Dane-Staples


This research aimed to discover whether or not the largest sport media corporation in the United States; ESPN, promotes acculturation for Hispanic Americans to enter into Americanized sport culture through its Spanish-language magazine publication of ESPN Deportes. The content analysis examined the covers of both ESPN Deportes and ESPN The Magazine from the 2011-year, using the English version of ESPN The Magazine as a base. The total population of Hispanics within the United States totals 50,477,594 making it the largest minority demographic in the nation. Unfortunately for marketers the Hispanic population is not homogenous and differences in consumption patterns can be credited to the influence of acculturation. In general ESPN Deportes remains ethnically traditional by featuring both sports and sport figures on their covers that support Hispanic-sport culture.