Date of Publication

Fall 2011

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Emily Dane-Staples


Motivation among football players drives a team to success or failure. Coaches must be able to create a positive environment that allows players to be motivated. It all starts from the top and trickles down. There are many different actions that coaches use to motivate their players on and off the field. Depending on which type of coaching style is used will determine the methods that are used to motivate. Players also have to have self-motivating traits that drive them to become better athletes. This study consisted of surveys of football players in Division III football. Transfer students and 4th year seniors were the population in this study. Looking at factors that include program tradition, coaching styles, team leadership, team dynamics, and academics it was possible to determine which factors lead to successful football programs. A significant finding in this study showed team unity throughout the team was apparent within the team. The senior respondents all stated that they attended Fisher because of its academic reputation. The other population looked at in this study was transfer students who said one of the reasons they attended Fisher was because they disliked their previous school.