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Fall 12-8-2014

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Undergraduate Project

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Every individual in the sport industry spends a substantial amount of time at work. Hence the satisfaction of an individual’s job is important. The purpose of this study was to look at the satisfaction levels of full time minor league baseball employees in the International League. This study was the first study in the field of minor league baseball which tried to determine if the satisfaction levels were worth the demand of the work. It is known across the workforce that the more time demanding a job is the less freedom you have for family and leisure. This study was conducted by using a quantitative survey to determine if the participants (N=84) were satisfied with their jobs. This study addressed what the different level of satisfaction could be ranging on the demographics of the employee. The highlight of this study was across all demographics in minor league baseball that employees overall were satisfied with their jobs. These findings are noteworthy because it is a pioneering topic that can be expanded across not only baseball but all sports.