Date of Publication

Fall 12-13-2018

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Dr. Emily Dane - Staples


The college athletic recruiting process is one cluttered with many different factors. Studies have analyzed institutional and social factors impacting a prospective student-athletes’ recruitment process. However, little research has explored recruiting from an athlete’s perspective on how they make their college decision. This study aimed to investigate the most influential factors in a Division III student-athlete’s college decision based on the college recruiting process. The purpose of conducting this research is to highlight and identify the factors that student athletes consider in regards to their recruiting process, and the school they later choose to attend and continue their athletic careers. A survey was administered to all student-athletes on the St. John Fisher College campus in hopes of maximizing responses and acquiring data in order to justify my research question. It was discovered that academics was the most influential factor group. It’s important to identify these factors at the athletic department of the Division III level to help members gain extensive knowledge and a greater focus on specific recruiting for these prospective student athletes.