Date of Publication

Fall 12-12-2018

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Emily Dane-Staples


The sport of bodybuilding has become one of the leading enterprises in using social media as the headlining avenue of marketing and promoting for the events they host. Social media marketing is used to reach marketing goals ranging from consumer care to advertising to commerce. The problem with this is that there is no knowledge about how the fans interact and engage with certain types of posts that are published throughout the Mr. Olympia show by the Mr. Olympia official Instagram account. This project gathered data on both what was posted through the official Mr. Olympia Instagram account and how fans interacted with these posts for a 3-week time period surrounding the Mr. Olympia competition. The data demonstrated that the engagement of fans changed based on the time of posting in relation to the event and as well as the in relation to the content of the post itself. The Mr. Olympia and other bodybuilding social media accounts should pay attention to the findings for they can create even stronger social media interaction and engagement from fans with the information provided.