Date of Publication

Winter 12-8-2014

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Dr. Katie Burakowski


Within the past decade since the use of the Internet came bout about, the sports gambling industry, specifically fantasy football, has become a multi-million dollar industry. In particular, the increase of all factors in fantasy sports such as the amount of money, number of hours and amount of leagues are increasing at a rapid rate. Due to this intriguing circumstance, this study investigates the relationship between a participant’s financial investment and time on task for team management. This study was given to participants via email and Facebook, which consisted of an online survey. In addition, this study looked at factors such as age to help determine if there was a correspondence to the younger generations putting in more or less time and money into fantasy football. The results suggested that there was no significant difference in the ratings of the independent variables with respect to age; except that the younger generations are putting in more time on team management due to more leisure time. Also, the results showed there no significant relationship between the amount of money put into fantasy football leagues this season and how many hours that was put into team management per week. The repercussions behind this study and the implications for both scholars and practitioners are discussed more throughout the research.