Date of Publication

Fall 12-12-2017

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Katharine Burakowski


This research was conducted to gain a better understanding of why American sports fans chose to follow international teams and how they consumed the international sports product. The results provided can assist sports marketers learn about the various ways to expand their business internationally and the key factors that most influence non-domestic fans. By understanding fan motivations in an international context, marketers can more effectively execute their business plans when trying to sell in foreign markets. Previous information was gathered regarding fan motivations and behavior, but little was known about fandom abroad.

The data were measured through a 13 question survey and randomly sent out to a sample of 1500 students at a northeastern college in the United States. The 29 complete responses were statistically analyzed and used to develop results. From the analyses, the top three most influential factors motivating Americans to follow international sports were: influence of a star player or coach, the location of the team and the league in which they play in. These three factors were the primary reasons why individuals chose to become fans of certain teams and should be utilized in international sports sales/marketing strategies.