Date of Publication

Fall 12-12-2016

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Emily Dane-Staples


This research was done to see how player demographics and other factors of sport effect team cohesion of a soccer program at a Division III level. In this study different demographics such as year in college, transfer status, and how many years you have been playing were explored to see if they impacted the amount of cohesion on the team. Additionally, other factors of sport such as gender, coaching styles, effective student leaders, the wins and goals met as a team, and how athletes interact off the field were also taken into consideration and compared to the amount of cohesion that exist on the team. It was found that nine different factors of sport play a significant role in the amount of cohesion that exist, but no player demographics played a significant role. This research can help inform current or upcoming coaches, captains/leaders, and athletic departments on different factors that help and discourage the amount of cohesion that exist on a team and how it effects factors of a team.