Date of Publication

Fall 12-17-2015

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Dr. Emily Dane-Staples


The college athletics landscape is one that is vastly different across the three main divisions of the NCAA. Previous literature has examined a mixture of a number of different factors influencing the student-athletes college decision. This study has uncovered what are the most influential factors in a Division III student-athlete’s college decision. A cross-sectional survey consisting of a number of different types of questions including rank order questions, validation options, and open ended questions helped to gather the most accurate and appropriate data for this study. This survey was administered to all students on the St. John Fisher College campus, targeting only student-athletes in hopes to maximize responses and consistent data. It was found that academics were the most important individual factor; whereas institutional factors were found to be the most influential factor group. These findings are important to all Division III athletic departments as well as coaches, student-athletes, and administrators to help gain greater focus on specific recruiting for student-athletes.