Date of Publication

Spring 4-24-2015

Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Professor's Name

Dr. Katharine Burakowski


Injury in college athletics are a very common occurrence, and can affect the participants very severely. Football has been one such sport that has shown a lot of public health concerns at the elite levels. With this being said research has lacked at the lower levels of collegiate football, even though this is where the vast majority of NCAA football players participate. Many scholarly sources have either focused on the elite levels of football or the youth levels, no research had been specifically done on the Division III level of football in regards to injury. Ultimately this paper hoped to determine to what degree Division III college football players viewed injury as being detrimental to their current development? The data was found through a cross sectional survey design, while the sample consisted of 73 Division III football players who played on the east coast in the 2014-2015 season. The participants were found with the assistance of football coaches who assisted by spreading the survey to their Division III football players. The results did show that there was a degree to which athlete’s perceive that their injuries have negatively impacted their long term health. These findings were important because it could assist in finding ways to make football safer for the majority of collegiate football in the long run.