Most Recent Additions*


The Social Magic of Facebook for Adults on the Spectrum
Susan M. Schultz and Gloria E. Jacobs


Angiotensin Receptor Blockers Effect on Serum Uric Acid—A Class Effect?
Elizabeth Sutton Burke, Tessa Kelly, Lindsey A. Shoales, and Angela Nagel


Introducing chemistry and pharmacy students to analysis of pharmaceutical products by Raman spectroscopy
Irene Kimaru, N. Gombert, K. Rich, Kimberly D. Chichester, Fang Zhao, and Parag Budukh


Stability of glutamate-aspartate cardioplegia additive solution in polyolefin IV bags
Stephanie E. Kim, Steven D. Rush, Susan E. Hughes, and Fang Zhao


Stability of levetiracetam oral solution repackaged in oral plastic syringes
Fang Zhao, Daniel Prohotsky, and Susan E. Hughes


Stability of diluted adenosine solutions in latex-, pvc- and DEHP-free infusion bags
Elise Almagambetova, David Hutchinson, D. Blais, and Fang Zhao


APPE Research Elective on Stability Evaluation of Compounded Drug Products
Fang Zhao, David Hutchinson, and Katherine Juba


Proposed role of pyrogens in vancomycin infusion-related reactions
J. Cottom, Lisa M. Avery, D. Ventura, and Fang Zhao

*Updated as of 08/18/19.