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Phagocyte Growth and Survival in Silicone Microchambers
Niecy Cameron and Fernando Ontiveros


Nanoparticle Production via Microfluidics Devices
James Ryan McDowell and Fernando Ontiveros


Ultrasound-Enhanced Transdermal Delivery of Nanoparticles
Fernando Ontiveros, Jessica Saxum, Brooke Saffren, and Maria Helguera


Production of Lipid-Based Nanoparticles Labeled with Quantum Dots
Alexandria Argentieri and Fernando Ontiveros


Enhanced Adherence in Patients Using an Automated Home Medication Dispenser
Charles Hoffmann, Anne Schweighardt, Kelly Conn, Dallas Nelson, Richard Barbano, Frederick Marshall, and Jack Brown


Implementation and Evaluation of Active Learning Tools in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Lipika Chablani, Deepak Thassu, and Christine R. Birnie


Impact of Refugee Healthcare Education and Experience on Pharmacy Students
S. Yang, Alexander DeLucenay, Lipika Chablani, and Christine R. Birnie


Expanding Co-Curricular Experiences: Global and Domestic Service Projects for Pharmacy Students
Christine R. Birnie, Alexander DeLucenay, Melinda E. Lull, Amy Parkhill, K. Schwandt, Jennifer Mathews, Lipika Chablani, Keith DelMonte, and Ramil Sapinoro


Implementation and Evaluation of a Strategic Professional Development Program
Melinda E. Lull, Jane M. Souza, Lisa M. Avery, Gabriela Cipriano, Vivek S. Dave, Lisa Philips, Melanie Woytowish, and Christine R. Birnie


Pharmacy Students’ Appreciation of Quality Compounded Preparations Using Product Analysis
Alyssa M. Pignato, Vivek S. Dave, and Christine R. Birnie


WSOP Prescription for Innovation—Use as Needed (PRN)
Melinda E. Lull, Christine R. Birnie, Lipika Chablani, Kathryn A. Connor, Anthony Corigliano, Vivek S. Dave, Mona A. Gandhi, Angela Nagel, Richard O'Brocta, Amy Parkhill, Ramil Sapinoro, Jane M. Souza, Ashley Woodruff, Jennifer Mathews, and Sridhar Anand


Awakening the Pharmacist in You(th): The Design and Evaluation of a Pharmacy Career Awareness Program
Christine R. Birnie, Lipika Chablani, Vivek S. Dave, Parag Budukh, David McCaffrey, and Scott A. Swigart


Design and evaluation of novel inhalable sildenafil citrate spray-dried microparticles for pulmonary arterial hypertension
Hend I. Shahin, Bhavani Prasad Vinjamuri, Azza A. Mahmoud, Rehab N. Shamma, Suzan M. Mansour, Hussein O. Ammar, Mahmoud M. Ghorab, Mahavir Bhupal Chougule, and Lipika Chablani


Clam Spawning & Red Tide: Helping Students Learn the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium
Kaitlin Bonner, Denise Piechnik, Jennifer Kovacs, Alexa Warwick, and Peter White


Comparing methods of naloxone administration: A narrative review
Shawn E. Fellows, Alexander J. Coppola, and Mona A. Gandhi

*Updated as of 06/25/19.