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The Kantian Coach
Timothy Madigan


Response to the letter to the editor. Bupivacaine liposomal versus bupivacaine: comparative review
John Noviasky, Deirdre P. Pierce, Karen M. Whalen, Roy Guharoy, and Kenneth Hildreth


Assessment of Child Sexual Abuse
Pamela Ann Herendeen


Assessment of Child Maltreatment
Pamela Ann Herendeen


Impact of Poverty on Children
Pamela Ann Herendeen


Domestic Trafficking of Minors
Pamela Ann Herendeen


Lisa Cunningham


Embody the ideals of JFK
Richard Dollinger, Tom O'Connell, and Timothy Madigan


Multivitamins and Me
Lipika Chablani


Roundtable: Excipient Trends/Challenges
Vivek S. Dave, Chris Moreton, W. Peter Wuelfing, Joseph Zeleznik, Tom Dürig, and Sarath Chandar


Using ExamSoft® for formative assessment in higher education
Melinda E. Lull and Jennifer Mathews


Family Business Succession Planning Opportunities
Savas Saymaz and Hugh H. Lambert

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