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Building a Safe and Healthy America: Eliminating Corporal Punishment via Positive Parenting
Gail Hornor, Saribel Garcia Quinones, Danielle Boudreaux, Deborah Bretl, Evelyn Chapman, Ellen M. Chiocca, Carrie Donnell, Pamela Ann Herendeen, Donna Kahn, Julie Loyke, Kristen A. Morris, Barbara Mulvaney, Diane H. Perks, Amy Terreros, and Brigit VanGraafeiland


Case Study: Failure to Thrive or Child Abuse
James T. Mulholland, Stephanie Brown, and Paula Barbel


Child Abuse: Intercepting Behavioral Health Issues
Mary Weglarz, Eileen Corcoran, Deborah Gutter, Paula Barbel, Stephanie Brown, James T. Mulholland, and Nina B. Colabelli


Trauma Informed Care
Nancy M. Bowllan


The Nurse, The Legislator, The Issues
Marilyn L. Dollinger


Consumer Directed Programs for LEP Elder Populations
Sarah Miner, L. Alvarado, S. Omar, G. Arneson, and S. Cohen


Advocacy for New Graduates
Marilyn L. Dollinger

*Updated as of 12/12/19.