Submissions from 2017


“The Island of Thieves”: Rethinking Empire and the United States in Micronesia, Dominic Alessio and Wesley B. Renfro

French Cohabitation and the Nature of Policy Outputs, Sébastien Lazardeux

Submissions from 2015


Clinging to Their Guns: An Empirical Examination of Self versus Sociotropic Interest in Support for Gun Control Legislation, Kathleen Donovan


The Role of Entertainment Media in Perceptions of Police Use of Force, Kathleen Donovan and Charles Klahm IV

Submissions from 2014


Divided Government, Legislative Productivity, and Policy Change in the USA and France, Frank R. Baumgartner, Sylvain Brouard, Emiliano Grossman, Sébastien Lazardeux, and Jonathan Moody

Cohabitation and Conflicting Politics in French Policymaking, Sébastien Lazardeux

Submissions from 2006


Agendas, Arguments, and Political Theory, John D. Harman and Deborah Vanderbilt

Books from 2003

Understanding the Contemporary Caribbean, Richard S. Hillman and Thomas J. D'Agostino

Books from 2002

Democracy and Human Rights in Latin America, Richard S. Hillman, John A. Peeler, and Elsa Cardozo de Da Silva

Books from 2001

Understanding Contemporary Latin America, Richard S. Hillman

Submissions from 1997


Liberty, Rights, and Will in Hobbes: A Response to David Van Mill, John D. Harman

Books from 1994

Democracy for the Privileged: Crisis and Transition in Venezuela, Richard Hillman

Submissions from 1993


Reflections on Building an Active State Association, Robert Heineman, Nancy McGlen, John D. Harman, and Lotte Feinberg

Submissions from 1991


Running the Good Race, Part 1: High Anxiety: Some Lessons For Graduate Students Entering the Profession, John D. Harman