Research and scholarship from faculty and staff in the Philosophy Department at St. John Fisher College.


Submissions from 2017


Slathered, Zapped, Nipped, and Tucked: An Ethical Analysis of Cosmetic Dermatology, Barbara Lowe


Lord John Russell and Crimes against Humanity: The Great Famine Tribunal, Timothy Madigan

Friendship and Happiness: And the Connection Between the Two, Timothy J. Madigan

Submissions from 2016

Lessons learned from popular culture, Tim Madigan and Tim Delaney


Ethics and Character Formation in Sports: A Philosophical Perspective, Timothy Madigan


Literary Philosophers: Irving Singer and George Santayana, Timothy Madigan


Russell and Dewey on Education: Similarities and Differences, Timothy Madigan


Russell in Popular Culture, Timothy Madigan


Six Degrees of Bertrand Russell, Timothy Madigan

Bertrand Russell : Public Intellectual, Tim Madigan and Peter Stone


Russell in the Jazz Age, David E. White

Submissions from 2015

Bureaucratic Madness: Marcuse & MacIntyre on Practice vs. Ideology, Timothy Madigan


The Use of ePortfolios to Support First Year Student's Metacognitive Thinking, Katie Sabourin, Barbara Lowe, and James Bowman

Submissions from 2012


Paul Edwards: A Rationalist Critic of Kierkegaard's Theory of Truth, Timothy Madigan

Submissions from 2011

Lucretius: His Continuing Influence and Contemporary Relevance, Timothy Madigan and David B. Suits

Submissions from 2009

Sociology of Sports: An Introduction, Timothy Madigan and Tim Delaney

Submissions from 2007

Christianity Incorporated: How Big Business Is Buying the Church, Robert W. Brimlow and Michael L. Budde

Submissions from 2006

Promethean Love: Paul Kurtz and the Humanistic Perspective on Love, Timothy Madigan