Preparing Nurse Leaders in Nursing Professional Development: Project Planning and Management

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Project planning and management have a significant impact on the goals and workload of the nursing professional development (NPD) department. Think of the types and number of projects you are, or were, involved in managing or assisting with as an NPD practitioner. Nursing professional development practitioners are often engaged in projects, such as nurse residency programs, onboarding new employees, orientation and continuing education programming, research/evidence-based practice activities, leadership development, patient technology deployment, regulatory and accreditation preparation, quality improvement, healthy workplace environment campaigns, career development for staff, patient safety initiatives, and more. Nursing professional development practitioners may be members or facilitators on project teams, but many lead project teams as the project manager. Project teams in healthcare are often interprofessional and interdisciplinary in composition and charged with macrosystem organization-wide initiatives. Consequently, NPD practitioners need skills in managing projects, sustaining projects, and facilitating interprofessional and interdisciplinary project teams (American Nurses Credentialing Center, 2015).



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