Cancer Survivorship in a Rural County

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DNP Project Manuscript

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Doctor of Nursing Practice


Background: With increasing numbers of cancer survivors in the United States, cancer survivorship is of significant concern for nursing practice.

Objectives: The purpose of this project was to understand the unmet needs of cancer survivors as well as the role of cancer survivorship programs.

Methods: The cancer survivorship program consisted of 4 weekly complementary therapy sessions open to cancer survivors and their caregiver(s) in a rural county in New York. Participants completed questionnaires regarding unmet needs, attitudes, beliefs, and utilization of cancer survivorship care and complementary therapies. Participants completed postsurveys following attendance. Funding for this program was made possible by the Richard C. and Mary Anne Palermo Family Fund.

Results: Eleven participants attended 1 or all sessions. Unmet needs in cancer survivorship included concerns related to stress, lack of availability of complementary therapies, side effects of treatment, and quality-of-life concerns. The program results yielded participant desire for a sustained oncology program with a focus on interactions with other survivors.

Discussion: Unmet needs in cancer survivorship continue to be a challenge in the field of oncology. Cancer survivorship programs focusing on various therapies, including complementary modalities, are useful for addressing these unmet needs.

Conclusion: More research is needed on the role of cancer survivorship programs. This pilot program demonstrated that cancer survivorship programs are valuable and helpful for cancer survivors.


Published in JONS: Journal of Oncology Navigation & Survivorship December 2019 Vol 10, No 12