Date of Award/Publication


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Degree Name

MS in Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education

First Supervisor

Diane Barrett

Second Supervisor

Bernard Ricca


The purposes of this study were first, to examine the effect that various homework policies had on student homework averages and second, to examine the effects that the completion of homework and the correctness of the homework have on test scores. The participants of this study were Regents Chemistry students during the years of 2007 to 2010. Homework averages for each student were compared to their previous year's Regents Earth Science homework average. The differences between each group of Regents Chemistry students were determined to be not significant. Each piece of data, consisting of one student's work for an individual unit, was placed into one of9 groups based on the amount of homework completed. These groups were then compared using at-test. There were statistically significant differences between these groups, indicating that homework completion does play an important part in preparing students to perform well on tests.